CARROT JUICE Initial Launch Plan

CARROT JUICE is a DeFi 2.0 protocol based on the decentralized reserve currency JUICE and the elastic stablecoin CARROT. JUICE token is a decentralized reserve currency with Protocol Controlled Value (PCV) and Protocol Owed Liquidity (POL) mechanisms, supported by the value of reserve assets in the Garden Balance. CARROT token is a non-dilutable elastic stablecoin system based on algorithm consensus. CARROTJUICE will operate as an independent ecosystem from December 2, 2021. The brand has been upgraded to CARROTJUICE, and the official website of the project is .

JUICE Initial Offering

1. Subscription price

Total amount of participation in subscription: 4,000 JUICE

  • The subscription price of JUICE tokens is determined by the total value of the assets participating in the subscription, and CARROT is calculated at 1 BUSD.
  • The ratio of the value of the assets participating in the subscription to 4,000 JUICE tokens is the subscription price of a single JUICE token.

2. Subscription qualifications

Support CARROT and BUSD and other currencies to participate in the subscription. Any user can participate in the subscription activity of JUICE tokens through the website

3. JUICE token distribution plan

The initial circulation is 6,826 JUICE, and the initial distribution plan is as follows:

  • 4,000 JUICE community purchases with CARROT/BUSD
  • 1,000 JUICE to the initial liquidity pool
  • 1,000 JUICE shared by institutional investors and communities
  • 826 JUICE Development Fund

4. More Information

JUICE will support CARROT, CARROT/JUICE-LP, CARROT/BUSD-LP, CARROT/veCARROT-LP, etc. as reserve assets at launch time.


December 1, 2021




Have a glass of Cool Carrot Juice

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Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice

Have a glass of Cool Carrot Juice

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