CARROT Rules and Gameplay Upgrade Instructions

Emission for Liquidity Farming Ends

RABBIT reward for CARROT/BUSD-LP will stop at 8:00 (UTC) on December 2nd, 2021. Please claim your RABBIT reward before release ends. Otherwise, the reward needs to be given up after the upgrade to release the LP from staking.

CARROT Algorithm Upgrade Plan

1. The goal of the upgrade of CARROT is to restore the non-dilutable nature of CARROT.

2. The specific algorithm upgrades are as follows

A, CARROT inflation reward will no longer be given to the RABBIT Boardroom.

B, Rebase Algorithm of CARROT

The amount of additional issuances every 24 hours = circulation * (24-hour weighted price -1.05)/1.05*15%, divided into (100/15) times to make the price of CARROT gradually return to the equivalent of 1 BUSD. The deflation algorithm is consistent with the inflation algorithm.

C, Optimization of Inflation

  • When there is debt, 10% of the additional issuance of CARROT will be provided to Garden Balance.
  • An additional seigniorage, which is 10% of the additional issuance volume of CARROT rebase inflation amount will be transferred to the CARROT ecological fund. CARROT Ecological Fund will be used for CARROT’s ecological construction.

3. The Independency CARROT Brand

After this upgrade, CARROT will be upgraded to CARROT JUICE, and then it will be operated as an independent brand.


December 1, 2021




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