More information of JUICE Initial Offering

As of December 13, JUICE has completed this round of IDO event. Funds successful participated are 35,557 BUSD and 36,589 CARROT, a total of 72,146 USD equivalent assets. In order to ensure that the initial treasury of JUICE tokens is sufficient, the initial supply of JUICE has been updated from 62,860 to 6,286 JUICE.

1. Swap Ratio

72,146 USD: 4,000 JUICE = 18.0365 USD: 1 JUICE

2. Treasury and Fund Use Plan

The 72,146 USD equivalent of assets participating in IDO will be transferred to the treasury as a reserve asset of JUICE tokens. Details as follow:

  • 1,000 JUICE and 18,036.5 CARROT tokens will be added to the initial liquidity pool, and the LP tokens obtained will be transferred to the treasury.
  • The remaining 18,552.5 CARROT will be directly transferred to the treasury as a reserve asset of JUICE tokens.
  • 35,557 BUSD will be minted into 35,557 CARROT, and this part of CARROT will also be added to the treasury.

3. Initial Supply of JUICE

The initial circulation of JUICE is 6,826 JUICE. The distribution plan for the initial supply is as follows:

  • 4,000 JUICE community purchases with CARROT/BUSD
  • 1,000 JUICE to the initial liquidity pool
  • 1,000 JUICE shared by institutional investors and communities
  • 826 JUICE Development Fund


December 13, 2021




Have a glass of Cool Carrot Juice

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Carrot Juice

Have a glass of Cool Carrot Juice

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